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Educate. Empower. Support.  


  • You want a physiological birth experience

  • You want an epidural 

  • You are planning a V-BAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section)

  • You have a scheduled c-section 

  • You have a partner 

  • You don't have a partner

  • You are not really sure you "need" a doula 

Every birther deserves a doula. 


A doula is a person who is of service to the birther and their partner. A doula provides emotional support before, during, and after labor and the birth of your baby. Doula's also offer physical support during labor and birth. The doula's work is guided by the mother's wants and needs. Doula's are not clinicians, I work for you, not for the hospital or clinic.  

A doula typically has 2- 3 prenatal visits with the birthing person and their family. They are present for the duration of the labor and provide 1 or 2 postpartum follow up visits following the birth.  


A Doula is Right For You If:

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