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You have options when it comes to the right support for you and your family. 

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Knowledge is power! I will help you prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for labor and birth. Choose the labor and birth education that is targeted to meet your needs. 


Postpartum Only

You focus on caring for your baby, I'll take care of you. 

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Education, managing pregnancy aches and pains, local resources, let me help you pinpoint what you need.

1 hour consult- $45.00

"Amanda is AMAZING! She is easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, supportive, extremely intelligent and personable. Our experience was a 10/10. From pre-labor to labor to post natal, I knew that I could count on her. Her reassurance, guidance and support made my maternity experience significantly better than my first without using a doula. My first pregnancy was not the smoothest ride so having Amanda as my partner and I’s doula made our experience actually enjoyable! I highly recommend Amanda even if you are uncertain if a doula is right for you. She is so easy to talk to so reach out to see if she is the right fit for you!"

-Nicole Fargo, ND

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